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Adventure Camps

At Okoboji, Adventure Camp is the premier event! Available for youth ages 9-17, all participants can expect to stay in a cabin with age-appropriate campers and awesome adult leaders. All Adventure Camps include your choice of activities through the famous Journey program and Camp Quest. Each session offers an exciting theme and no matter what you choose you’ll find an adventure like no other! Looking for an upgrade? Each session has options available for extra fun!
ADVENTURE 1: Okoboji Olympics  |  3:00-4:00p – 10:30a

We hope you are ready for a full week of Okoboji-style Olympic games! You and your new friends will join together and compete for the gold all week long! Build your team, participate in some awesome games and activities, and then enjoy the Olympic-sized celebration to conclude the week! Grab your friends, and join us for the Okoboji Olympics this summer! (Adventure Upgrades: Go-Karts, Horses)

Event Name Event # Dates Price
Adventure 1: Okoboji Olympics
4251 June 18-23 $420 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 1: OO w/Go-Karts* 42511 June 18-23 $445 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 1: OO w/Horses* 42512 June 18-23 $445 WelcomeLetter_button

ADVENTURE 2: Superhero Showdown  |  3:00-4:00p – 10:30a

Do you have what it takes to be Okoboji’s next great superhero? Grab your cape, grab your friends, and discover your inner superhero! Come join us during this fast-paced, action-packed, fun-filled week! We can’t wait to meet all of this years awesome superheroes! (Adventure Upgrade: Aerial Course)

Event Name Event # Dates Price
Adventure 2: Superhero Showdown
4252 June 25-30 $420 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 2: SS w/Aerial Course* 42521 June 25-30 $445 WelcomeLetter_button

ADVENTURE 3: Big Boji Splash  |  3:00-4:00p – 10:30a

This brand new theme is sure to make a huge splash this summer! Come join all of your friends in this wet and wild adventure! If waterfront isn’t enough for you, then you’ll love all of the extra water-themed fun and excitement we have planned for you! Come make new friends and share in God’s love in this awesome, new adventure! (Adventure Upgrades: Sky Zone, Go-Karts)


Event Name Event # Dates Price
Adventure 3: Big Boji Splash


4253 July 9-14 $420 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 3: BBS w/Sky Zone* 42531 July 9-14 $460 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 3: BBS w/Go-Karts* 42532 July 9-14 $445 WelcomeLetter_button

ADVENTURE 4: Okoboji Island Adventure  |  3:00-4:00p – 10:30a

Say Aloha to friends old and new as you have a fun-filled week on your very own Island Adventure. Travel around the island where you get to lay on the beach, play in the sand, and experience a new adventure with amazing friends.
(Adventure Upgrades: Aerial Course, Amusement Park)


Event Name Event # Dates Price
Adventure 4: Okoboji Island Adventure
4254 July 16-21 $420 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 4: OIA w/Aerial Course* 42541 July 16-21 $445 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 4: OIA w/Amusement Park* 42542 July 16-21 $470 WelcomeLetter_button

ADVENTURE 5: Big Color Bash  |  3:00-4:00p – 10:30a

Brighten up your summer with Okoboji’s Big Color Bash! This year will be bigger and better than ever! Team up with friends old and new to achieve cabin goals, compete against other cabins, and have a blast! Get ready to experience all of the crazy Color Bash activities and bring home some amazing memories. (Adventure Upgrades: Teen Week, Sky Zone)


Event Name Event # Dates Price
Adventure 5: Big Color Bash
4255 July 23-28 $420 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 5: BCB w/Teen Week* (Ages13-17) 42551 July 23-28 $440 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 5: BCB w/Sky Zone* 42552 July 23-28 $460 WelcomeLetter_button

ADVENTURE 6: YCDTAC  |  3:00-4:00p – 10:30a

Think you know camp? Think again! Come join us during the only week of the summer where campers get to bend the classic camp rules. Stay up late? Sleep in? Maybe your counselor will even let you in on where the Camp Director’s secret snack stash is hidden! Grab your friends and get ready for an epic week! (Adventure Upgrades: Go-Karts, Aerial Course)

Event Name Event # Dates Price
Adventure 6: You Can’t Do That At Camp
4256 July 30-Aug 4 $420 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 6: YCDTAC w/Go-Karts* 42561 July 30-Aug 4 $445 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 6: YCDTAC w/Aerial Course* 42562 July 30-Aug 4 $445 WelcomeLetter_button

ADVENTURE 7: Let The Games Begin  |  3:00-4:00p – 10:30a

As summer is coming to an end, we will go all-out to make sure you have the best week ever! Have you ever wanted to be the star on a TV game show? Now is your chance! This week is filled with some of your favorite games shows, along with other classic activities. Join your team today, and get ready to compete for the ultimate prize. (Adventure Upgrades: Go-Karts, Aerial Course)

Event Name Event # Dates Price
Adventure 7: Let The Games Begin


4257 August 6-11 $420 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 7: LGB w/Go-Karts* 42571 August 6-11 $445 WelcomeLetter_button
Adventure 7: LGB w/Aerial Course* 42572 August 6-11 $445 WelcomeLetter_button

Are you ready to step it up a notch?

These super-charged additions will take your Adventure Camp to the next level! Available for an additional fee, campers who choose an upgrade will have access to specialty activities beyond normal camp programming. Adventure Upgrade events/costs are marked with an *. Additional upgrade fee applies to original cost of the event. Example: Adventure 1 w/ Go-Karts is $445 ($420+$25 for the upgrade).
Family Camp #1 121Go-Karts  |  $25

Buckle up, this extra is all about speed! Every full day of your Adventure Camp you’ll put the pedal to the metal during Journey time on the famous Okoboji Go-Kart Track. Get ready to travel up and down hills, around sharp turns and through the open prairie. Are you ready to roll? (Available Adventure Sessions 1, 3, 6, 7)

Aerial Adventure Course  |  $25874005_1387478072.0669

Experience the excitement of the 40 foot tall Aerial Adventure Course right here at the Lake Okoboji U.M. Camp! During Journey times you will climb high into the air and work your way across this state of the art 13 element course. Come see why this is truly the most high flying Upgrade around. Register quickly, limited space available! (Available Adventure Sessions 2, 4, 6, 7)

teenTeen Week  |  $20

Hey Teens, this Upgrade is just for you! Have extra beach time, hit up the Nutty Bar Stand and even your own personal pizza party. The best part? Getting to see your favorite camp friends year after year, and making new ones, too! (Available Adventure Session 5)

Horses  |  $25

IMG_0023lSaddle up and hit the trails with this brand new upgrade! You’ll go for three trail rides during your already awesome week at camp. Sign up soon, limited space available! (Available Adventure Session 1)

amusementAmusement Park  |  $50

Roller coasters, waterslides and so much more, make this the most extreme Upgrade! You’ll visit Arnold’s Park for an afternoon of excitement, on thrill rides, like the Tilt-A-Whirl or Roller coaster, or relaxing rides like the Farris wheel or Log Ride. We end the week at King’s Pointe Waterpark where you can race down the waterslides, or relax on the lazy river. Be sure to register quickly, limited space is available! (Available Adventure Session 4)

amusementSky Zone Trampoline Park  |  $40

Visit the famous Sky Zone indoor trampoline park for tons of jumping fun during the camp week. You’ll bounce, flip, dunk and land in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes. Are you a Boji Ball champion? You’ll love Sky Zone Dodgeball! Be sure to register quickly, limited space is available! *Sky Zone Waiver Required Prior to Event (Available Adventure Session 3,5)

Journeys are the activities that you choose when you attend any week-long Adventure Camp at the Okoboji U.M. Camp. You pick exactly how you’d like to spend your morning, whether it’s canoeing at the lake, making crafts or climbing the rock wall! Every full day of camp, you’ll spend your mornings in your Journey groups meeting new friends and developing new skills.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.21.38 AM

Sample Journey sign-up sheet

Short Stacks  |  Ages 6-9  |  See Times Below


The BIG event for 6-9 year-old campers is back and better than ever! Archery, parachutes, canoes, song and dance, sleepovers and wagon rides are just the beginning of your giant adventure. Bring a friend and sign up today!

Event Name Event # Dates Price
Short Stacks 1 (2p-2p)
4101 June 18-20 $190 WelcomeLetter_button
Short Stacks 2 (2p-2p)
4102 June 25-27 $190 WelcomeLetter_button
Short Stacks 3 (11a-11a)
4103 July 5-7 $190 WelcomeLetter_button
Short Stacks 4 (2p-2p)
4104 July 9-11 $190 WelcomeLetter_button
Short Stacks 5 (2p-2p)
4105 Aug 6-8 $190 WelcomeLetter_button
Day Camp #1 007Day Camps  |  Ages 4-6  |  10a – 7p

A special day for our youngest campers. Come to camp, take a wagon ride, play games, hear a Bible story, make a craft and much more! Our caring staff can’t wait to spend the day with you!

Event Name Event # Dates Price
Lil’ Explorers 1 4001 July 6 $76 WelcomeLetter_button
Lil’ Explorers 2 4002 August 10 $76 WelcomeLetter_button
family_dayGuardian & Angel Camps  |  Ages 4-6 w/Adult  |  11a – 10:30a

Bring a special person in your life to camp this summer! Okoboji’s Guardian & Angel camps provide an opportunity for young campers to come to camp with their favorite adult family member or friend. You will spend the whole day together as you swim in the lake, ride a canoe, shoot archery, hear Bible Stories, ride the go-karts and have a campfire complete with roasted marshmallows!


Event Name Event # Dates Price
Angel 1 (Youth) 4051 June 29-30 $82 WelcomeLetter_button
Guardian 1 (Adult)
4052 June 29-30 $82 WelcomeLetter_button
Extra Angel 1 4053 June 29-30 $66
Extra Guardian 1 4054 June 29-30 $66
Angel 2 (Youth) 4055 Aug 3-4 $82 WelcomeLetter_button
Guardian 2 (Adult) 4056 Aug 3-4 $82 WelcomeLetter_button
Extra Guardian 2
4057 Aug 3-4 $66
Extra Angel 2
4058 Aug 3-4 $66
guardianOkoboji Family Camp  |  All Ages (Requires 1 Adult)  |  11:00a – 11:00a

Experience the excitement of camp with your whole family! Opportunities for games, campfires, swimming, go-karts, archery, a free-time session to explore the Okoboji area and so much more! Programming times for the whole family, and breakaway times for both youth and adults make this a fun-filled adventure that will help bring your family closer together.


Event Name Event # Dates Price
Okoboji Family Camp 1 (Adult)
4151 July 6-8 $100


Okoboji Family Camp 1 (Youth)
4152 July 6-8 $100 WelcomeLetter_button
Winter Games Sled Head Breakfast  |  Jan 28  |  8:00a – 11:00a  |  FREE


While you are in the Iowa Great Lakes celebrating the Okoboji Winter Games, swing by camp on Saturday morning for the 5th Annual Sled Head Breakfast! We’ll be cooking up scrambled eggs, fresh baked scones and sizzling bacon for friends old and new during the big winter event. Come and go as you please – find out why camp is the place to be, even with snow on the ground!


Help kick off the 103nd summer of ministry at camp; join us for our annual open house. Celebrate along with us as we begin our summer season with live music, BBQ dinner, wagon rides, camp tours, campfire with s’mores and great fellowship! It’s a great way to kick off another amazing summer at the Lake Okoboji U.M. Camp!

Boundary Waters Canoe Adventure  |  AGES 14+

True wilderness camping & canoeing in the beautiful Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota. Enjoy camping, canoeing, hiking, swimming, and fishing. Share with other Christians in spiritual growth. Fee covers all expenses including travel, camping equipment, and food. For more information, please contact Ed Frank, by email or by calling the Okoboji U.M. Camp at 712-336-2936

Event Name Event # Dates Price
Boundary Waters Canoe Adventure #1
4901 July 21-26 $430 WelcomeLetter_button
Boundary Waters Canoe Adventure #2
4902 August 4-9 $430 WelcomeLetter_button