Director’s Notes

It is amazing how change happens all around us, and many times it goes unnoticed. Then again, there are many things in our lives that change for the better, only when we work at it.

There were two days left in February when I officially started here at Lake Okoboji United Methodist Camp. The office was quiet and the temperature was cold. A short time later the grass was growing, the trees were budding, and then campers and staff were making all sorts of noises. It was great!

Summer at camp can often be a whirlwind of activity. There is very little time during some weeks to sit, reflect, and thank God for all that was given to us. At the conclusion of the summer I sat in my office looking out the window remembering all the campers that would walk by, bring me donuts they made at Campfire Chef, or the cabin groups that would gather to ring the bell before each meal. That is when I noticed them through the sunshine—spider webs. I had spider webs on all my treasures that sit on my windowsill. I had neglected part of the office long enough that spiders had moved in.

The spider webs do not bother me but they did make me think about my faith and other things I care about. I pray that I do not sit still long enough for dust and spider webs to gather within my faith journey.

Some weeks we make excuses and try to justify that other tasks are more important than taking time to sit and clear those spider webs by doing some Bible study. I have found great reflection time can be while I am doing regular tasks and chores, like mowing the grass. We have had so much moisture this fall that that grass has not stopped growing. That shows me that God is always nurturing and feeding us like the grass. When we take a little time to care for our faith and the places that have value to us it is easier to welcome in other friends.

As the seasons change and the grass grows, please remember how important this camp is in the faith journey of our children and youth. Your financial support will go a long way in helping our campers and guests keep the spider webs from collecting.

Thank you for sending your prayers and gifts to Lake Okoboji United Methodist Camp.

Derek Bergman, Site Director